What’s it like to be a part of Simply?

Smart decisions,
amazing execution

At Simply, we focus on what’s truly needed to get things done and move the needle. We call this impact velocity.

Small, laser-focused teams

We work in small teams, called pods. Each pod is focused on a single mission or objective, whether it’s business, product, or culture.

Independence and speed

Pods operate like tiny start-ups, with all the necessary talent and full ownership of their mission to move fast and deliver results.

Tools, not rules

Pods have all the resources they need, without the bureaucracy. Whether it’s building a new feature or launching a campaign, the pod decides what’s best.


How we built ‘Simply Guitar’

4 people, 3 months, and a new app is launched. Read more

Exceptional partners who have your back

To reach our ambitious goals quickly and independently, we need to build strong partnerships with each other. We call this co-building.

Sharing the journey

We share the ups and downs of building something new and exciting together. We passionately care about what we do and the people we work with.

Ownership & accountability

Research, data, and well-thought-out professional logic back up every decision we make. We own both the wins and failures - so we’re always learning.

Trust and communication

We speak openly, share constructive feedback, and challenge each other to be our best.

Music, art, and creativity everywhere

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The combination of creativity and get-things-done attitude makes for a fun, dynamic, and surprising environment.

Where else can you work alongside world-class composers, rock stars, and visual artists, as well as data scientists and developers?

It’s our passion that connects us - we all want to do something good with our time, build something that matters to people.

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